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Hoyt Carbon Defiant

Hoyt Carbon Defiant

Hoyt introduced a new carbon bow for 2016 in the Carbon Defiant. Equipped with DFX cams and the Offset Riser Technology, Hoyt is again producing one of the smoothest bows on the market. When looking for a new bow, it’s always important to head to a local bow shop and shoot as many bows as possible. Find the bow that feels balanced in your hand, provides a smooth draw cycle, and a sturdy back wall. There are many new bows out by other companies like Mathews, PSE, Prime, etc. but it seems as of lately the rage is about the new Carbon Defiant. Consider a bow that has a longer brace height which can provide better shooting accuracy at distance. Between the 3 different Carbon Defiant models, the brace heights do differ. Check with your bow shop and let them help you get set up for your next hunt.

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Photo Credit Hoyt Archery