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The Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show (GAOS) is finally behind us. We met many outdoorsmen who are looking for their next adventure, with many being out west. Outfitters offering elk, mule deer and antelope hunts seemed to be the most sought after trips at the Great American Outdoor show. Outfitters around us were finding great success connecting with past and future clients; telling stories about previous adventures, and planning for the next. 

The Guide and Outfitter Review Company

The Guide and Outfitter Review Company,, was built as a tool for outdoorsmen to leave reviews about their past outfitted trips, and read reviews from other’s experiences. While the website has been gaining a good foothold thanks to GAOS, the reviews on the website are beginning to be submitted. We have reviews ranging from Elk and Mule Deer in Colorado, to Waterfowl in Arkansas. The filtering tools allow you to search a specific state and species, or you can search for a species and have options in many states. Once you find the outfitters offering the the hunt you want to take, you can read reviews about others’ past experiences with these outfits. It helps you become more informed about the outfitter, and decide if they are offering the exact opportunity you’re searching for. will help make you more informed about your outfitter options, help you stabilize your expectations for the outfitter and hunt before you arrive, and ensure you make the best decision based on your abilities. Don’t forget, review your last hunt, someone is looking to take that same trip you enjoyed! 

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