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     The Guide and Outfitter Review Company,, interviewed Wayne Kubat of Alaska Remote Guide Service thanks to his top rating on His outfit is located in Wasilla Alaska and specializes in custom hunts for Dall Sheep, Moose, and Brown Bear. Wayne is not only a full time guide and pilot, he also serves as the Vice President of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association – Alaska’s only outfitter association. 

Alaska Remote Guide Service

     Hunting with Wayne and his wife Marilyn at Alaska Remote Guide Service will be a fully customized hunt. He refers to his outfit as a “mom and pop operation,” but the results of his clients ooze success much greater than the term he uses to describe his business. The Kubat’s work year round performing all of the necessary bush work to prepare for the 8-10 hunters they will welcome into their camps come fall. By limiting the number of hunters in camp, and being the only outfitter in his units, Wayne says this allows him to be honest with his clients concerning their chances for an enjoyable and successful hunt.

      Alaska Remote Guide Service hunts the awe inspiring western slopes of Mount Denali with elevations ranging from 800-20,000+ feet. The hunting units have experienced pretty average winters, says Wayne, and the sheep, moose, and bear populations all appear to be doing well.  Wayne also reported the sheep and moose are showing big rebounds from previous years. In his units, the quality of sheep and moose are really good. The chances of getting an above average or an exceptional specimen for a hunter is very high if the client is in top physical shape. Wayne's brown bear units can produce a good chance at 9 footers in early spring. 10 footers are rare in his hunting areas. The brown bear hunts are offered at a price far less than what you’ll find on the Alaskan Peninsula or on Kodiak Island. Wayne also offers his clients the ability to take a moose while on the bear hunt. At Alaska Remote, a successful hunt is categorized by one word, Safety. He notes a good hard effort, an enjoyable experience, and newfound friendships are important to him. Keeping all of this in mind, Wayne is looking for a good representative species of the animals being pursued. Any good hunt will include a lot of sweat, and maybe a few bug bites and blisters, says Wayne, or we probably didn’t work hard enough.

      A Client can easily access Alaska Remote Guide service via Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage Alaska. He lives an hour’s drive away in Wasilla, and Wayne meets almost every client at the airport in Anchorage. Wayne will then utilize his 6,000+ hours of Alaskan bush flight time to bring the hunter into camp. Most of his hunts include air charter fees to camp so the hunter is not incurring an additional cost. Once Wayne gets the hunter and his guide into the bush, lightweight jet boats and rafts are utilized for fall bear hunts and the rest of the hunting is backpack style on foot. Wayne notes he doesn’t have an easy sheep hunt and would rate the hunt difficulty anywhere from a 6-10, but he can offer bear and moose hunts that are much less physically demanding.

      Alaska Remote guide service has many seasons worth of experience with hunting gear. Lately Wayne notices two clothing brands dominating the industry and performing well for his guides and hunters. KUIU and Sitka are reigning supreme in Alaska. Wayne prefers his clients shoot a 300-win mag and higher calibers for almost all game. He likes to see a .338 or 375 h&h for bear and moose. Wayne chooses a custom .338 win mag while guiding or hunting the Alaskan bush. The preferred pack is still an external frame for carrying those heavy loads. Wayne has been guiding in Alaska for 37+ years, which lead to he and his wife creating a fiberglass moose call named the Bull Magnet. They also produced two moose calling DVDs titled Love Thunder, & Bull in Alaska 1 and 2 (click here to see Wayne's products). 

      When asking Wayne what helps him stand out from other Alaskan hunting adventures, he responds again with one word, Honesty. Wayne says being truthful with his clients in every aspect of marketing and providing a quality good faith effort are how he operates. He tries to treat all of his clients like they are his best friend, and many of his past clients have become just that.

      Wayne is currently the highest rated Alaskan outfit on and all of his past clients mention one thing in particular; he goes the extra mile to make the hunting adventure a true once in a lifetime experience. Utilizing his 37 years of guiding experience, he knows how to create the perfect hunt of a lifetime. Read the Reviews at and you will find these words to be truth. Wayne says operating in Alaska is incredible. It’s big, wild, and beautiful. The species available to a sportsman are abundant, and Wayne has an open big game hunting season all calendar year. 


To book a hunt with Wayne or inquire about future opportunities, Click Here to visit Alaska Remote Guide Service!

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